Subway Exterior

Subway Restaurant Interior Commercial Construction

Work began with the demolition of the former tenant’s space, all the way down to the four walls, concrete slab, and roof deck.

An important part of the work came about from a surprise that the plumbing ...

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements Interior Commercial Buildout

CPEX has built two Edible Arrangements (now simply known as “Edible”). These quasi restaurant projects required extensive plumbing work, including grease traps in the kitchen.

Fantastic Sams Exterior

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon Interior Buildout

Fantastic Sams description

Front Elevation Evening

Huff Harrington Commercial Interior Buildout

Huff Harrington was an interesting project in that the Owner’s vision was for something rather plain.

As an interior design and furnishings store, the goal was for the space to function well, but not to have ...

Range Boutique

Range Boutique Interior Buildout

Range Boutique was a great example of how efficient it can be for one general contractor to do both the landlord scope and the full buildout for the same space.

Revenue lost while waiting to open is never ...

Great Clips Hair Salon Interior Commercial Construction and Relocation

CPEX was tapped to relocate an existing Great Clips location within the same building in order to allow Starbucks Coffee to move into a space that could accommodate a drive thru.