The Top 4 Things to Remember When Starting a Commercial Construction Project


Are you planning a new construction project? Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by everything you need to do? Are you worried you’ll miss your opening date?

You’re not alone! Construction projects are not easy but with the right partner, proper planning and great communication, the process can flow smoothly.

By this time, you might be wondering how? Here are a few things that may help you.

1. Plan for the unexpected

Permits and Inspections: Some municipalities are simply harder to deal with than others as many lack the resources to turn around reviews or inspections quickly.

Unknown Site Conditions: Especially in older buildings, there may be surprises lurking that no one could have anticipated.

Weather: Inclement weather is an obvious source of delays. Be mindful of the time required for work to catch up after the weather clears.

2. Work with your architect during the planning process

Review the plans with your architect mid-way through the project.

Be sure the plans show water, sewer, electric and gas service connection points accurately.

Make sure your architect submits pictures of utility connection points.

3. Stay focused on the building permit

After submitting plans, proactively follow the permitting process and help move it along; hire an expediter if necessary.

4. Plan for success!

Are there any issues with the address? As simple as this seems, an issue with a site address can delay a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Be proactive. If a change is possible, make it quickly or just move on. Changes made later in the process are often more expensive than those made at the start of the project.

Let’s chat and get your project done on time!