Subway Exterior
Subway Finished Interior
Subway Exterior
Subway Finished Interior

Subway Restaurant Interior Commercial Construction

When a Subway Restaurant had to be relocated, CPEX was chosen to buildout the new restaurant space.

Work began with the demolition of the former tenant’s space, all the way down to the four walls, concrete slab, and roof deck.

Then we built the new space which included:

  • A new drive thru
  • A new 400 amp electrical service
  • Two new bathrooms
  • A new electronically controlled grease interceptor

An important part of the buildout came about from a surprise that the plumbing contractor uncovered.

It seems that when the power company installed the electric transformer in the back service area, they managed to cut through the sewer line, then lay the 5,000 volt wire powering the transformer across the top third of the cut pipe.

This could have led to a catastrophic injury to anyone attempting to clear a clog!

Everything stopped while we dug up the asphalt to locate the damaged section of pipe, and had the power company come lift the wire out of the pipe.

Thanks to locating equipment, the asphalt damage was kept to a minimum, and we were able to correct the situation before anyone was hurt.

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