Buildouts-Exterior after
Buildouts-Exterior after

City Gear Multi Unit Interior Retail Construction

CPEX was chosen to buildout three City Gear stores’ (urban apparel retailer) interior that all had to be opened within a ninety-day window, in Douglasville, GA, North Augusta, SC, and Aiken, SC. As it turned out, the Douglasville location would have to be constructed in 23 days!

About half way through the work, a design error was encountered on the Aiken store. The electrical plans were predicated on the electrical transformer serving the building being 480 volt; it was not. This discovery came after HVAC equipment requiring 480V has already been installed.

Getting the power company to provide 480V service to the space would require six weeks.

The publicly traded owner was expected to deliver a certain number of stores by its looming year end, and this one was needed to make that goal.

Since there was nothing that could be done to deliver this location until the design error was resolved, the store opening was swapped with the Douglasville, GA location. The only problem was making the switch meant the 6,000 SF space in Georgia had to be completed in 23 days, start of construction to finish!

Our team carefully laid out a plan to make it happen. It required working 7 days per week, almost around the clock.

Though it seemed impossible, CPEX received the certificate of occupancy and turned the store over to the client’s team for stocking on the exact target date.

The store that had suffered the six-week setback was then delivered approximately one week later than originally promised by implementing a new project plan to make the best use of the downtime spent waiting for the electrical delay to be resolved.

All three locations were open for business less than ninety days!!!