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Smoothie King Interior Commercial Construction

This was an interesting job because it required a new space to be constructed from a portion of the sales floor of an existing T-Mobile retail store. The biggest challenge to the quasi restaurant buildout was to create the new space while T-Mobile remained open.

The first step was to modify the storefront to create front doors for each store. Work commenced early one morning in order to have the new T-Mobile front door installed prior to the store’s opening.

With the new door installed, a plastic curtain was then installed to separate the retail sales floor from the construction site.

The next task was to build the new demising wall between the T-Mobile store and the Smoothie King space. Next, the new wall was painted, and the T-Mobile acoustic ceiling was tied to it. With this complete, there would be only minor impacts to the T-Mobile retail space while Smoothie King interior was under construction.

Next, new utility services were brought into the new space and a drive-through window was installed.

The new space finished on time and looks GREAT!!!

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South Fulton, Georgia